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All meetings are happening online for the for forseeable future.Etiquette announcement. Do you like the look of somebody and want to get to know them a bit better? This is th…

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We are old, young, white and people of color; we’re straight and gay and bi  — and we’re looking for places to meet like-minded, ethically non-monogamous people. So if you are non-monogamous, polyamorous, and/or kinky, you’re welcome to attend our events!

Click Here for the Poly Cocktails ZA Facebook event for Johannesburg, or search for Poly Cocktails ZA on Facebook. Now, you may not want to “out” yourself on FaceBook by “Liking” the page or indicating that you will attend the event. The organizers still need to know how many to book for. You can RSVP on the private Meetup group.

The poly cocktail LOVERS guidelines. THIS IS NOT PLAY SPACE. This is a SAFE space.

We follow the International PolyCocktail rules — summed up in the word LOVERS.

Learn – Poly Cocktails is for learning about polyamory and developing friendships and connections. It is not a play space. No nudity, kink, or sex play is permitted at the event.

Open communications – Poly Cocktails is a place to exercise open communications with intention, foster interactive dialogue, facilitate trust, develop your listening skills, and give and receive support. So be kind.

Verbal Consent – We encourage everyone to obtain verbal consent and explicit negotiations (as modeled at Cuddle Parties) before initiating physical contact (e.g. hugging).

Expectations – check them at the door! Interest in polyamory does not signal sexual availability or indicate sexual orientation.

Respectful behavior toward hosts and guests is required. Be kind. Don’t swear at people. Don’t lose your temper. Don’t shame people for their relationship structures, their sexual orientation or anything else.

Safe Space – Poly Cocktails is safe space for all sexual orientations and gender/kink identities, as well as those who identify as monogamous. No photography, video or recording of any kind is allowed without prior verbal consent of all parties involved.