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Receive your resource guide: four resources for the Newly Poly PDF when you sign up for our PolyCocktails email list. In the email, you will get a calendar invitation to the next Poly Cocktails event.

This is the Poly Cocktails ZA home page.
It is modeled on the Poly Cocktails New York page. For more information on the history of Poly Cocktails, visit http://www.polycocktails.com

Click Here for the Poly Cocktails ZA Facebook event for Johannesburg, or search for Poly Cocktails ZA on Facebook. Now, you may not want to “out” yourself on FaceBook by “Liking” the page or indicating that you will attend the event. The organizers still need to know how many to book for.

We also have a Meetup group: Click here for Johannesburg Meetup group.

We don’t need your name — we just want to send you info on the next Poly Cocktails event.

We are old, young, white and people of color; we’re straight and gay and bi  — and we’re looking for places to meet like-minded, ethically non-monogamous people. So if you are non-monogamous, polyamorous, and/or kinky, you’re welcome to attend our events!

We meet in Parktown North, Johannesburg, on the last Tuesday of the month.